Sculpture / 3D model

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Tower – group project

Tower - group projectThis is my basic step process when I decide to create a woman head sculpt…


This is the first stage where I form the head with a bunch of wires to form a structure like this. Here, I created a large head sculpt in huge numbers of clay and block to form a facial shape. It would take a lot of tools plus some help to make a head sculpt for a few hours. Originally, I prefer to make a hollow technique but it would easily disfigure when dried. So I prefer make a huge sculpt inside the wired figure but adding weight would be heavy but saves time.


After a few hours, I wrapped up with a wet cloth towel that can make it moist. Later, I sculpted her ears and refined her facial features to make it clean, neat and proportional shaped. To reference a woman, I modified the sculpt with cutting any unsuspecting pieces like too thick nose and reducing size to her lips. In order to move carefully, I placed the sculpt on a plastic sheet so I can move it freely


After a few hours, I modified once again by adding her heck base to make her stand up. All of her facial proportions were made to be ok and on the other hand, I should make it more round.

This is the second part of head sculpting but adding a few head straps…


I add some of her head gear (her tiara) in rough format before I carved to match its reference. Her hair is extremely long so the best way to make them and fill the figure is how noodle chefs make their noodles. But because the figure is clay, rolling them into noodle shapes is a quick motive, so I rolled each of them and shaped them to match to the character.


If handled carefully, the figure was intensively fixed since looking at the reference I mentioned. But I have never done intensive sculpting before as I was prone to digital illustration since my drawing talents sprung from the very least I can afford at school. I hope this works out well…