Ryan Chan


I was born in December in the mid 90s, the time before HK started to begin a new era. I started to make some of the reasonable artworks in the last 10 years since recovering from an unknown type of autism, while being educated in different international schools. Still being like “not too Einstein”.

With my talents borrowed from an architect, creating an unusual theme from the famous art movement. Surrealism and conceptual art are one exception, building progress techniques borrowed from a comic studio, making the picture half realistic without losing detail. I was influenced from popular artists such as Salvador Dali, Bill Viola and other modern contemporaries including Wayne Dogulas Barlowe and Takashi Murakami.

To me, art is life. I will not forget that art the love of art gives me a new step towards a career and the word “love of art” means not just exploring something artistic from a learner’s guide but the words also mean to me “you may forget to remember but you make a sudden move without knowing until an artwork starts and ends with a blink of an eye” ,because you have so much drive and inspiration in your heart and mind.

References and Testimonials

 “I found Ryan to be an astute and bright young man. He was clearly motivated and prepared for the sizable workload that was presented to the students. His attitude was always positive, and he carried out his regular assignments with enthusiasm. Although some of the material is challenging to some students, Ryan never faltered or lagged behind….. In fact, he managed to outsize some of the other students in terms of quantity and quality when it came to his work. As an instructor, I had developed a confidence in Ryan, and it was a pleasure to have him in my program.”

 Robin Thompson
Graphic Novel Design
Emily Carr University of Art and Design

“It is paramount to mention Ryan’s very wonderful aesthetic. He has a beautiful awareness of style and creativity and absorbs himself entirely in all projects set. Ryan worked very well with new daily tasks that were given to students, involving work in different locations inside and out of the studio/workspace. His drawings and digital work thoroughly enhanced his research, which was both thorough and well thought through. Ryan shared his ideas with the group fluently and with positive engagement. He has a great awareness of others ideas, and is not afraid of new creative and personal challenges within a group dynamic. It is without doubt that Ryan didn’t fail to inspire others by communicating clearly his visual identity as a student.”

Kate Collins
Creating a Portfolio
Central Saint Martins


“Ryan is extremely good at using a wide variety of techniques in his work and loves to mix media. Ryan has made some excellent artist studies and shown skills in taking these ideas and feeding them into his work….. He is very keen to develop his own style of Art and excited about the prospect of the fine Art unit. In Media, Ryan demonstrated exceptional technical capabilities with his video installation work, supported with substantial research and development…..Ryan has maintained good engagement with the digital story unit, understanding the creative process of generating ideas.”

Katherine Hodgson
BTEC Advanced Diploma
King George V School


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comics, video games, design, art galleries, museums and natural sites

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